Home Tutor Business Manual 

 Table Of Contents

Getting Started Essentials

Selecting a Business Structure

Registering Your Business

Business Banking

Setting Up a Merchant Account to Accept Credit Cards

Business Insurance

Should You Hire an Attorney?

Do You Need an Accountant?               

Typical Allowable Expenses              

Things You Will Need

Office Equipment

Telephone Service and Equipment

Recording Your Message

Fax Service

Business Cards

Flyers, Brochures and Post Cards

Understanding the Competition

Learning Centers

Prep Companies         

On-Line Tutoring

Individual Tutors

In-Home Tutoring

Determine and Set Your Rates

“Shop” Your Competitors

Package Rates

Charging A Registration Fee

Compensating Your Tutors

Raising Your Rates

Why you should not include your rates in your ads

Marketing Your Services

The Importance of Getting Referral Business

Inform teachers and schools about your tutoring business

Internet Marketing Programs               

Press release tips that get your business noticed.

Listing in the Yellow Pages     


Newspaper Ads

Google Ad Words

Social Networking





Networking Opportunities

Chamber of Commerce Memberships

How to Find Your Tutors

Craigslist and Backpage

Universities And Community Colleges              

Other Resources

Tutors As A Resource               

Hiring Tutors as Independent Contractors

 Independent Contractor or Employee- Know the Difference

Tutor Forms

Worker’s Compensation and other important things to know

Interviewing Your Tutors

The Initial Phone Screen

Determine where to Interview

The Tutor Interview

Evaluate The Candidate

Get The Most Out Of The Interview

Background And References Checks

Post Interview Follow-Up

The Client Phone Call

Answering Phone Inquiries

What to say - The Telephone Script   

Know When to Discuss Rates

When a Client Won’t Commit

The In-Home Consultation


Prepare For The Consultation               

Taking Control Of The Meeting

Connect With The Kids

What To Do With - A Difficult Parent Or Student

When To Walk Away

Special Needs Children

Close the Sale

Matching Your Client With A Tutor

Matching Student and Tutor

Placing The Tutor

Follow Up      

Home Schooling

Home Schooling – A Hidden Opportunity

Home Schooling In Your State

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Industry Terminology

Terms and Words You Should Know

Glossary of Learning Disability Terms




Tutor Services