Own A Home Tutor Business

The home tutor business is more than Ten Billion Dollars annually and growing at a rate over 10% a year!

With more and more teachers being laid off, classrooms getting larger and students not getting the attention they need, this industry is destined to grow at a pace faster than anyone can imagine. Parents are throwing their hands in the air wanting to know where to turn.

Bright Idea Tutors Home Tutor Business is poised to help fulfill the needs of parents and students across the country. Our motto is: Help Your Child Achieve Academic Success Through Explanation , Demonstration and Inspiration. With your help, we can achieve our goals together.

Bright Idea Tutors provides One-on-One In Home Tutoring. Rates are competitive and there are no long-term contracts required. The minimum is one hour a week. We tutor public, private, independent study and home schooled children. We tutor all grades and subjects, Pre-K through College.

You do not need to be an educator to succeed with Bright Idea Tutors! 
Tutor Brokers with diverse backgrounds are succeeding in this industry! Classroom experience and accreditation are not required to own a tutor referral service. The role of a Bright Idea Tutors Affiliate Partner is to match tutors and students together.
Tutors and parents love this program! Tutors don't have to find the students, bill the client and collect their fees. It's all done by you. Parents know they have someone looking out for their child's interest. This is a "win-win" program!
You can make a real difference in a child's life.
Did you know that you can truly help yourself by simply helping others? Many people are getting ahead in this economy and most are “regular” people with everyday concerns and responsibilities just like yours. Owning a Bright Idea Tutors Home Tutor Buisiness is one of the most fulfilling, exciting and reliable home businesses today.

The saying, "Do what you love, love what you do" is a great motto when starting a business. If you are excited about your business, your customers will notice and it will be easier to get them excited as well. Your business is going to be your livelihood so you should have a good time doing it. What is better than making a positive difference in a child's life and their future?


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 Here's A Few Things You Will Learn With The Bright Idea Tutors Home Tutor Business:

  • How to get started fast and easy.
  • How to get business the smart way without expensive advertising.
  • How to organize your business to create more profit.
  • How to project a professional image and get top
    dollar for your service.
  • A proven method of getting customers in your area.
  • How to start bringing in money every month very quickly!
  • Social media networking to help grow your business.

"Many parents across the country are looking to support their child's educational experience in any way they can. Often times, this means hiring a tutor to work one-on-one with your child."  

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