Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really money to be made in the tutoring business?
The tutoring industry is more than $10 billion per year and growing at a rate over 10% a year!! At least 15% of all students require tutoring at some stage during their school years. That makes tutoring one of the hottest opportunities today!!
Where does the tutoring take place?
We are a one-on-one in home tutoring business. This seems to work out best for several reasons. We always have a parent or guardian be at home during the entire appointment. Parents don't have to drive the student anywhere and wait for the session to end. Students have no peer pressure and learn more from the individualized attention.
Why would someone hire me instead of a tutoring academy?
Children learn better from individualized instruction. This is something you do not get with tutoring academies. Most tutoring academies have one tutor for every 4-6 students and charge over $50 per hour. If you offer one-on-one in home tutoring for the same price or more , you can attract clients with better value and more personalized service. And once you start building your client base, you will gain more business from customer referral.
What if I’ve never tutored before or have any kind of teaching experience?
This doesn’t matter! You will be contracting the teachers and tutors and match them to the child best suited for their expertise. You will also be managing the day-to-day operations of interviewing tutors, parents, advertising and marketing your services. You will learn how to hire, train and manage other people to do the tutoring for you!
I am a private tutor and want to expand.
This is a great opportunity for you to increase the number of students you can service. We teach you how to market yourself and contract with tutors who would work with you. As your tutor network expands, the number of students your company can tutor grows. Since you are already somewhat established in your community, the transition and growth from one person tutoring to a number of tutors helping you should be fairly easy. You can also expand the area you cover because other will be doing all the tutoring.
Do you provide a curriculum for the students?
No. Your tutors will be tutoring from your clients’ school curriculum. Textbooks, worksheets, projects, homework, etc... must be brought home for your tutoring sessions.
How much money can I really make?
This depends on how many hours you want to work and how many tutors you hire. Revenue is earned by splitting the fee for tutoring services with your tutors and teachers. The more hours you bill, the more income you will make. If you hire 30 tutors who work only 20 hours per month at $55/hour, you can make $15,000 to $20,000 per month or $180,000 to $240,000 per year! If you just want to tutor on your own and work 100 hours per month at $55 per hour, you can make $5,500 per month or $66,000 per year!
Do you guarantee my success?
No. Your success can only be guaranteed by your efforts. If you follow our program and do as suggested, your chances of success are much greater. We have added a 30 day cancellation policy for those who may need to cancel. You can find out more in our Terms Of Use page.
What is Your Refund Policy?
Our business model is designed to be accessible to everyone by keeping our prices low. Our products are intellectual property and in a format that can be easily copied and distributed. We have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours developing the information that we share with you. For these reasons, we are not able to offer a money back guarantee. We do make the occassional exception on a case-by-case basis.
Is this a franchise?
No. Although our program is NOT a franchise, it does contain some attributes that you normally get with a franchise. We provide you a complete business plan with step-by-step instructions on how to begin and maintain your business. We also provide ongoing support, website, tutor management software and much more!
How does the price compare to buying a franchise?
Our program is a fraction of what you would pay for a franchise.
What is the advantage of your program over a franchise?
Our program is much more affordable and offers more freedom. You are not signing a contract with anyone. You have the freedom to develop your business without having to follow a specific formula. We give you suggestions and examples of what works and what doesn’t work so you know how to best utilize your time and money. You are buying information you can use immediately along with many tangible items to make your business successful.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. If you are a Texas resident, we charge State Sales Tax where applicable.
I am having trouble ordering online. What should I do?
Occasionally someone may have trouble ordering online. If you experience difficulty, please give us a call and we will complete your transaction over the telephone.
How long will it take to receive my program?
Please allow 24 to 48 hours to have your website up and running. The information is in electronic form and will come to you in emails within 24 hours during a normal work week. You can also expect a call from us to go over information needed right away to expedite your ability to be up and running very quickly.




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