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Bright Idea Tutors Offers Opportunity For Academic Excellence.

We believe that by better understanding today's modern education system, parents will be at an extreme advantage in making informed decisions and acting upon those decisions. One-on-One in home tutoring helps to build a stronger foundation in a child's education.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Unlike a tutoring factory, our focus is on the individual needs of each student. Whether a student seeks SAT prep, tutoring in a difficult subject, or seek to develop better study skills, we can help!

Parents are utilizing tutors to supplement their child's education because a child may be struggling to stay at grade level or wants to pursue a higher standard of excellence in education. It is vital to utilize a student's own school curriculum to ensure the student masters school-assigned objectives and standards. This represents the quickest and most direct route to academic success. When the stress and anxiety of school sets in, it is best that we appropriately focus on what matters most to the student; understanding and completing tonight's homework, preparing for an upcoming test, or even next week's spelling bee! Building on small successes opens doors that lead to achieve even greater academic success.

We Care About You! Become An Affiliate Partner!

Outstanding Affiliate Partner support with a real interest in you achieving your goals. We stand beside you through thick and thin. We believe you are the backbone of our business and we will do what it takes to provide you with the support required to achieve your desired goals. Whether it is support in understanding your marketplace, posting promotional material or just a sounding board for ideas, Bright Idea Tutors Home Tutor Business is here for our partners, addressing all questions, concerns and comments on an individual basis.

Bright Idea Tutors Home Tutor Business takes pride in the personal relationships we develop with our Affiliate Partners.

This is your opportunity to help achieve the goals of students and parents alike. By doing so, you will reach your career and financial goals at the same time. It's a



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